Introduction of myself

So let start from my name. People usually call me as Nole (an alias name), i’m a student college that having a break right now. I am currently do some trading & investing into cryptocurrency & Indonesian stock. I’ve been known crypto when i was on Junior High Scool (2014/2015) like a long time ago but here is a thing, i’ve been only know for trading only for 1 year. Yes 1 year like starting on 2020. So how come i know crypto for long time but know trading just a year ago? Because at that time (2014/2015) i am still a student that really not focusing much on crypto especially trading. So at that time i only know something like blockchain, mining, and what is crypto currency itself. So yeah that’s the reason behind it and right now i am in love with cryptocurrency like i still hungry to learn more. Idk why when talking about technologies especially crypto suddenly my inner nerd aura is coming out guess i am addicted to that. A cryptocurrency that i love and eyeing so much rn is SOLANA (i’ll tell u later about SOLANA and why i love and eyeing SOLANA so so so much). And for stocks probably not much i am going to tell u since i am new in here and probably i’ll need to learn more about stock since i lack of knowledge.

Onto the next one, let’s talking about what i like. So i do love to read a book especially about Technology, Business, and Mindset book love it cause improving my knowledge also i love playing games. Next one maybe talking what food or beverage i like, so for food i like Indonesian food (Rawon,Bakso,Satai), Italian food (Pasta,Pizza) and probably junkfood too. And for beverage i love drinkin coffee from Starbucks and mostly i ordered Iced Caramel Macchiato with reserve coffee (Most favorite) maybe that’s all i could tell you i don’t think i have more yet.

Lastly what i wish , what i hope & what i want to do. Everyone have their own wish/hope right, mine feels like almost same like everyone else. Like i wish i could be better person that helpful to everyone and friendly, I hope all my dream comes true and the last thing what i want to do is i want to learn about programming (this always been my dream to become a programmer/developer).

Okay guys i think that’s all i can say to you about myself, it’s fun to let people know about myself.